Friday, April 17, 2015

Samplers & Stars

Here are my Stars in a Time Warp for this week and last. Last week's theme was printed plaids, this week was ombres.
Here are 5 more fun blocks for the Ohio sampler
Old Tom (drawn from the Ohio Miami sampler book) 
A wreath
I thought I was making this to replace my drunkard's path, but it is the wrong size, so I'll try and find a place for it somewhere.
Sweet gum blocks. Aren't they adorable?

See Karen's blocks HERE.

It has been quite a week! My mom was suddenly sick and ended up in the hospital. She does good in her own surroundings, but mentally slips when she is out of her element. She kept asking me last night if she could go to the dining room to eat. I'm hoping the dr releases her today. It was strange being in the hospital, as the last time we'd been there was when my FIL died last spring.

Here's what's been on Instagram this week if you missed it! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Two Finishes!

I finally got back to a few quilts that needed binding.  Here's a little log cabin table topper.
Simple primitive quilting to match the simple quilt.
This backing came from my friend Jill's sewing room after she passed away last year. It reminds me of the cute little things we collect and cherish.
Here's the Love More I made with the P&B fabric. After my trip to Guatemala I think it means more to me now than when I made it.
Here's a close up you can see the fabric. I'm going to give this to the woman I went to Guatemala with as we shared so much and we both learned to deepen our love to others.
Here's the scrappy backing.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Label, Mabel!

Since the response and comments about my quilt label post were many and varied, I thought I'd show a few other label options. Please, label your quilts!

You can purchase some like this. Iron a bit of freezer paper to the back to stabilize, then fill in the blanks and sew to your quilt. Easy, but not always appropriate for your quilt.

I have lots of books for ideas and tracing. I mostly use these for special occasion quilts that I'm giving away.

Sometimes The "label' is writing on the back of the quilt. 

I'm giving away a recently made quilt and *gasp* it didn't have a label! I've added this to the back adding a small little flower copied from a tole painting book. (there is a reason I never did tole painting!)
A simple no-hand-sewing label can be made like this. Take a square of fabric you will use for your label. and fold in half diagonally.
I always happen to have freezer paper in my sewing room, so for this professional photo I grabbed a used piece and ironed it on one half to stabilize.
Write what you will. (My lines were made with frixion and ironed away later) 
Put in a corner of your quilt, pin, then add your binding and it will be sewn right in. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 10, 2015

We Interrupt this Quilting Blog.....

 I had big plans to get a lot of projects worked on my quilting studio yesterday. Not much happened quilty yesterday except a little hand quilting in the evening.
As many of you may know, we have a business in our town. A farmer was driving into town today and came across two pups that had been dumped in a ditch out in the country. He caught this little girl but another one had ran away.
 She was just a pup and shook all morning. I entertained her in the office.
 I posted a few photos on Facebook and instagram trying to find her a home.
I took her for a car ride. 

I took her to see my mom. 

 I let her nap in my jacket.
She liked that the best.

 I left her with my husband when I had errands to do. She was comfy there too.
 And then her brother showed up. He was bouncing off the walls!
 I posted a photo of him too, looking for a forever home.
 They were reunited and went crazy!
Then they napped.
 We played outside, hoping someone would contact me about wanting a pup in their home.
 Jump, Jump, Jump.
 Jump, Jump. Jump some more!

They were super hungry too. I gave them small amounts of food throughout the day. They both gobbled it so fast. 

I'm not sure if this video will work, but its a short clip of how happy they were playing outside.

Before our no-kill shelter closed for the night I said goodbye and handed them over.  They will be spay/neuter, micro-chipped, vaccinated, have 30 days pet health insurance, a free vet visit, and have a personalized ID tag. They didn't think they would have any problem finding a home for them. (she called them cha-weiners, I think. Chiwauwau and wiener dog mix) 

So, that was my day in a nut shell. I'm hoping for some quilting time today.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Decent Wednesday Post

After posting Monday from my phone I realized the photos were lousy and so was the block! 
My excuse? My kids came into town Saturday and didn't leave until Monday, so I was spending time with them, but they didn't bring their computers so ours was being used for tax prep. 
So, please forgive that post!
This block is sure to make you smile!

 We have traded out one of Anita's blocks for this great shoe bouquet which can be found in many Ohio Miami Quilt samplers. It is such a fun block!
I'm not sure how much I love this block, but it will fit in with the others, so I'll keep it.

This one was way easier to applique than piece.
My design wall is getting too small to hold them.

I did forget the cheddar centers, but the humble part of this, (now ironed) block was the seam. I did not have enough muslin for it all. Once it is quilted, no one will every know.

Want to see more?
Karen is a whiz and I am following her lead.
Cathy  , Nancy and LuAnn are also making it. 
It is so fun to see everyone's unique take on this sampler.



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