Monday, June 27, 2016

Quilting Conundrum

I am making a quilt for a designer and this is the block. Oh cool, looks simple...but it isn't as simple as it looks!
 I have all the pinwheels made and am trying to find the best way to streamline the strip setting.
 I tried this...

 But wasn't happy with the waste. I could get 10 corners with one strip set. 
 Then I thought paper piecing might be a good option. I could only get one corner printed on EQ so had to fiddle around with the copy machine to make this. After making a few this way I still wasn't thrilled.
 Bonnie has been helping me try to figure this out and this was another option.
 This option meant I could print more patterns from EQ. But they were not the right size width strips.
 So, I think I'm back to the drawing board which seems to be the most accurate way for me to work although it isn't very streamlined.

8 down, 50+ to go!

Have a wonderful Monday.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Chinese Coins

Throwback Friday! Here is an old quilt top I bought quite some time ago. 

This is the shape I purchased it in. I took it apart, replacing thin patches. 

I used as many old pieces as I could when I re-made the top.

Here is the finished quilt. I had it quilted with baptist fans.

I am on the mailing list for Two Thimbles quilt shop and this came into my inbox. Don't they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Two Thimbles quilt shop Chinese Coins
Lee writes:

Here is a variation on a coins quilt - we were inspired by one from Humble Quilts when Lori was in town for a lecture at one of our local guilds. We stitched up a variety of random strips in black, red, claret and shades of blue and had a bit of fun with the sashing strips and mixing fabrics from scraps with a new charm pack featuring vintage shirting and dress prints designed by Barbara Eikmeier for Paintbrush Studios. Perfect use for a quilt following a patriotic theme as this line of fabric is grown, spun, woven and printed in the USA. We have some fabric starter kits as well as the charm pack shown. If you're interested in more details about our quilt or the bundles, give us a call or stop by the shop.

So convenient! If you are interested follow this link HERE

I've gotten a few minutes here and there to do a bit of sewing this week. I'm volunteering at Sisters this morning, so it will be a good mental break for me.

Here's my Instagram feed for this week.

Love to you all! Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wooly Wednesday

My house is being pushed over by the bird and my moon has turned into smoke rising from my chimney..... It's been one of those weeks.

My mum has been sick, my brother (from China in Seattle for summer) is here to see her. We are enjoying his visit.

See you Friday!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Front Porch Block 2

I hope I gave everyone a chance to get their flags completed. Personally I thought they sewed up super fast. I wanted to get the linky party for this one on a new schedule. This next time we will have a month, but I'll post the third Monday of the month. So next time will be July 18th. I'm trying to move it out of the way of the medallion deadline.

 Here are my 3 simple flags. I did not trim them down because I may need a bit of play to assemble the quilts. You may or may not know that if you have done jan's patterns before. Here is your forewarning. :)
Here are Cathy's flags. Love that little flag print!
We are skipping ahead and doing this fun basket with flag. According to the pattern it is block 7. 

And here  is the quilt again for those of you that may be new. We completed the house and 3 flags.

See you July 18th!

It's almost the longest day of the year. I love it when it is still a little light at 10PM. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Made it to Friday!

One of our employees had surgery on his hand on Monday so it has been a long work week with very little sewing. I'm hoping to make up a little of that time this weekend.

 The Sisters quilt show is coming up fast and I have misplaced my class registration confirmation and supply list.  I very rarely ever lose anything so it has me frustrated. I started in on my sewing room, searching high, searching low, and then realized I didn't want to be stressed out looking for it, so I paid them $5 to reprint and send me the info. It should be in the mail tomorrow. I'm sure I'll find my original one as soon as the mail comes! LOL
 Here is a new to me quilt book that I've been reading in the evenings. It's a good one!
 I did get a little time to sew yesterday and this is all I am going to show you of my Gwennie Inspired medallion. My "childhood" theme border is complete. I hope what I have added grows on me. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

My son made it to Norway and took off on a hiking and camping adventure immediately. 

Yes, that it them on that ledge!
Here's my Instagram feed for the week.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends. 



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