Monday, January 23, 2017

Hand Quilting

Good morning and happy Monday!
I've had my Beyond the Cherry Tree Quilt (find it HERE)out for a few weeks and am slowly 
getting more hand quilting stitches in. 

 I think I have 7 blocks (out of 25 total) to quilt. I have quilted around the applique shapes (not the border yet) and quilted motifs that the original quilt had. Now, I'm doing my best to do cross hatching. 
 My lines have gotten off, but that will make this quilt a bit more humble like the rest of my quilts. 

Here are my simple supplies. 

Have a wonderful day friends!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Bad Ombres

After watching the presidential debates and hearing the line 

"We have some bad hombres and we're going to get them out"

I went straight to my stash and got out some ombres! I had to beg for a few more from my blog readers, but in this instance I didn't mind. Thank you!

 The stars in the sashing made it a little more patriotic. 
 I thought finishing it and posting on inauguration day was appropriate. (although I find the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony quite boring! no matter who is being sworn in)  I have so many little chunks of this presidents fabric I really didn't mind piecing the back on this tiny quilt.
 I wasn't keen on either candidate, so I'm calling this quilt "2 bad ombres"
 Here it is after washing. 
My instagram for this week. 
We have had a few sunny days, only minimal flooding at the business and we are ready for more wintery weather. 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

French General

I've been a fan of all things French General and was was happy to be able to take a class from her in Houston. She talked about her new hoop based on an antique one. 

It's lightweight and although it has a bit of a learning curve to get your embroidery in it I like it a lot.
When I ordered it I got these wonderful scraps too!

I read about a French general challenge on Instagram and made this block for it. I think I'm eliminated quick cause it said use up to 4 fabrics. It's a fun wintery block and maybe I'll use it as a center for a small holiday quilt. Read more about the hoop and challenge HERE
And I'm only stitching on this between projects, so it'll be a slow one. 
There is something pretty magical about it.

And Randy was having a giveaway. 
Instead of choosing a "winner" we were all winners- more French General scraps!! 
Thank you Randy!

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking Back- Pillowcase dresses and Christmas

Good morning! It's Monday again. The weekends go by too fast!
Recently I found a couple of photos from my Bolivia trip last year.

It's fun to see the little dress you made, so I thought I'd show these and see if you recognize them. 
Such good memories of this village we got to go to. 

If anyone is interested in making the little pillowcase dresses I'll be bringing more to Columbia in January 2018.

Now, back to Christmas, 

Here's my simple table. 7 for dinner is a "just right" number. 
I showed this one on instagram and said I'd write about it later. I really hate it when the turkey is done, but nothing else is. It's always a risk that the turkey will dry out. It so happens that my meat thermometer died Thanksgiving day, so we cooked it by the clock. Everything was ready, except the bird! I put it back in the oven and cranked up the heat and we all started dishing up all the other side dishes. Meanwhile the drippings spilled and we were smoked out! I grabbed glasses to protect my eyes from all the smoke. (which you can see in the background) Eventually it got done and we now have a fun memory of Christmas 2016!

Nothing quilty today, although I was able to get a bit done this weekend. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 13, 2017

ABC Sampler Quilt

After seeing this adorable quilt at International Quilt Fest I found the pattern and am making it with my friend Karen. We've done a few quilts together but not lately.  
Here's my first block. There will be a few more applique pieces once I add the other blocks and borders.
It's been awhile since I've done hand applique- whoa, those berries! LOL
See Karen's block HERE.

 My niece had her baby early! Please meet Zackary James. And because of the snow the quilt has not arrived yet! I knew I should have sent it USPS. 
She sent me this photo last night. I'll be making a trip over to see him in person when the weather clears and the forecast looks good. 

My Instagram feed for the week.

No snow in our forecast for several days, thank goodness! In the last month we've gotten 38+" of snow, which is unusual for us. My husband ordered a plow to put on the front of our truck. We've got a long driveway and a parking lot to shovel at our business. He is really getting tired of all the shoveling. We're getting too old for that! LOL  

Have a wonderful weekend.



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