Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Laura's Decor and More!

Laura is one of my blog readers and has offered to share her home decor and little quilts. I love taking a peak into other quilter's homes! I need to rearrange and decorate!

I'm loving this little red stool with patriotic little quilts.

I'm a fan of doilies, too.

Thank you Laura! Every time I look at  your photos I see something else. 

I hope you all are inspired like I am !

Monday, August 18, 2014

Inspired All Over Again

If you have been reading my blog long you would have met Laurie HERE. I think we were all inspired by her quilts and fun decorating sense. I got to see it all over again when I stayed with her this last week.

I got to sleep under this beauty!

The way the light was falling on this quilt in the evening the quilting showed up so well. Look at that! 

I have a pattern for this difficult block. It is so sweet. I think Laurie said her sister made that for her.

This adorable little jacket is in her sewing room.

This is just a fraction of her stash.

This is an evening photo so not very good,  but I was so inspired by this on my last visit, I changed a few things around at my house. Her little quilts are so adorable!

If you do not have a blog but would like to showcase your quilt decor or antiques, I'd love to see them and show your photos on my blog. Let me know!

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 15, 2014

WA Quilt Shops

I got out of town this week and made my way to a couple of Washington state quilt stores.
Personally, I love a store with lots of samples! Look at that beautiful quilt! This is at 
Two Thimbles Quilt Shop in Bellingham, WA. 

This one is going to be done as a class. What a terrific setting for a star sampler.

Lots of Jo Morton and lovely reproductions. 

I can never get enough of little quilts.

Then we ended up at FolkTales in Lynden. I think the owner is the master of the needle arts.
The shop was full of lots of stitchery and threads. I have to say, it was somewhat piled up, but it didn't stop me from making a purchase. I bought some lovely Moda wool and a few other goodies.

If you want to see why I came to WA please check out my other blog HERE. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

If you love Amish quilts here's a terrific book for you to look for. I found it at a thrift store and it is a gold mine!
There are wonderful color photos. Here are 2 pages of railroad crossing quilts.

Block 8 of Benjamin Biggs quilt. 

Have a great day!

Love More, Fear Less

Remember this post a few days back?  I had an afternoon of sewing time this weekend. It felt great!

 Look at the detail of this fabric by P&B Textiles. It really was a joy to work with.

 The medium value was difficult to work with. I took the lightest print and used that consistently while making the Puss in the Corner blocks. I could tell right away it wasn't going to make the pattern I thought it would. I feared less and moved ahead with my plan.

 It seems the center is a bit of a jumble, but it is growing on me. It begs for a closer look, which is good since it is the fabric that steals the show. I fussy cut to make the border, which I think helps define it. Overall I'm happy with it.
Lizzy suggested a market bag, so I found an online pattern and whipped up this hobo bag. When my husband came home from work he said, "You don't make bags" LOL I do now!  I didn't have enough P&B fabric for the lining so I added a neutral stripe.  
I couldn't resist. He wasn't happy about it though.

Friday, August 8, 2014

More Vintage Quilts

Here are the quilts Claire purchased this year at Sisters. 

This one has quite a few older fabrics in it. although a quilt is dated from the newest fabric.

This one was great. The zig zag setting is stunning. I like what the maker did at the top to make it a little longer. What's not to love about the fan quilting?
Sarah S made it. Too bad she didn't date it as well.

And this one, which the fabrics seem to say 30's, has a setting that is used in much earlier times. Large 4 block quilts are another favorite of mine.

Even though the top one isn't in great shape, it is a favorite of mine because of the variety of fabrics.

Although I didn't actually sit down at the machine, I got some marking done on a quilt I NEED to finish, so I did get something quilt related  done.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Sewing

This week is starting out with a BANG and I haven't had a chance to do any sewing. I thought I'd show you a few up close photos of the quilts we bought from the antique quilt booth in Sisters at the show. One tradition we have is to spread them out and take a nice long look once we are back in Sunriver. It's fun to see the different fabrics and quilting. Sometimes we find a few surprises. These three quilts are Randys.
This is a lightweight summer spread. I love this style of quilt, but have difficulty myself making the exact same block over and over.

This is my favorite of Randy's.

What a fun quilt with such a variety of fun fabrics!

The quilting steals the show on this quilt. The heavy quilting is what is holding this together.

I must sew today!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Love More

I was asked if I would like to help promote P&B Textiles. They have a great reputation but a little quiet on the social scene. A few of us have decided we'd like to be in on waking up their online presence!

Look at these great fabrics. The line is called Love More by Susan Black. (from the saying, "Fear Less, Love More")

This is perfect for me, because I have committed to going on a mission trip to Guatemala this fall. I don't have a lot of fears in life, but have found myself lately feeling the need to Love More so I was thrilled when this line was an option for me to work with.
There isn't a lot of contrast so that was a challenge as well.
I was so excited to see the FULL piece that I didn't bother to iron it. This one is my favorite!

I will start cutting soon, but my machine is set up for quilting and I will get that project finished first.

 Have you taken on a quilting challenge lately? I'd love to hear about it.

Friday, August 1, 2014

More Retreat Sewing

I don't think I showed  you how many of these I made while sewing before the Sisters Show. 
I'm using two lines of fabric (that's unheard of with me!) Crossroads by Jan Patek and Hope Chest prints by Edyta Sitar. I am really loving it. This is a Lori Smith pattern with a busy appliqued border.
Claire made my these wonderful potholders and brought them to Sunriver. I burn a lot of things in the kitchen, including my potholders, so I'm a little worries about using them. :) Thanks again Claire!

We are having more fun this weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flags on the American Revolution Book ***SALE

Kansas City Star is having a fantastic sale on this book! If you have been wanting to join in but have been putting it off, today is the day!

code at check out and get this for $5.74+ free media mail shipping!
Please make sure to click the “Apply Promotion Code Now” button after entering the code. The discount won't apply unless you do so. Please verify that you've received the discount before checking out.

There are more projects in this book as well. See a you tube video HERE.

Hurry! I bet the books won't last long!



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