Sunday, February 19, 2017

Road Trip

I made mention that I'd be taking a road trip to North Seattle. Here's a taste!

After I picked up Michelle in Portland our first stop was Carriage Country Quilts in Des Moines, WA. Very cute shop, friendly help. 
Saturday we picked up Linda and headed to Laurie's in Marysville.
We about passed out when we saw Laurie's Mrs Billings quilt! What a masterpiece!! 

And we enjoyed seeing a few of her antiques too! Look for more in a blog post on Wednesday. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Gwennie Inspired Medallion Exhibit

We are good to go for a First Friday Exhibit at Quiltworks for the month of May! I have the 5 of us who chose the rounds, Katy, Wendy, Cathy and Cynthia and myself and Juliann has committed her quilt.  There is  room for 8-12 quilts, depending on the size.  The first Friday in May is the 5th and she would need the quilts before the 1st. What I would need you to commit to is sending me your quilt before the end of April with a good description, and money for me to return your quilt after the quilts come down. They will be displayed for the whole month of May. Because there isn't room for all of the quilts to be shown, I will need to take them in the order you commit to the show. No hanging sleeves necessary. 

I better get mine completed! I only need to make a label and attach binding.

 I sent this quilt off to Sharon, Grass Roots Quilt Studio and we had a bit of back and forth with it. She really didn't want to do this style of quilting, but we are both glad she did! I didn't know what I wanted, but this was it!
 I'm sure I could have quilted this myself, but I'm not sure I would have had the guts to "just do it!" It has a modern, loose feel to it, that I really think suits the quilt very well.
The backing is a bit crazy and loose too!

 Be sure to contact me if you are interested in sharing your quilt at 
Quiltworks in Bend, Oregon for the month of May!

Here's my Instagram feed for the week. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

First Friday Exhibit at Quiltworks

The featured quilter this month was Jackie Erickson. She is super talented and does a lot of diverse quiltmaking.  I'll let her quilts speak for themselves.

Fun quilts, huh?! 

The group exhibit were quilts based on the book, "All the Light You Cannot See". I know many of us have read and enjoyed that book.

I've written to Marilyn at Quiltworks about exhibiting our Gwennie Inspired Round Robins! If you have been waiting to finish your quilt, now would be a great time!

Have a lovely Wednesday. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

ABC Sampler and Book Winner

 The next section Karen and I were doing on the sampler was G-H-I-J. 

 G-H stands for Grandma's House
I- Ice Cream, J- Jesus. One of the other samplers had that same Cheri manger for Jesus and I liked it enough to make mine that way as well. This has been a fun one to work on.  See Karen's HERE. I know hers will look great, then I'll wish I did something she did! LOL

Thank you to all who commented on Rhonda's book, if you are not a winner you can find it HERE.

The random number generator chose #6

Congratulations Anita! Rhonda will sign and send you the book as soon as I get your mailing address. Thank you Rhonda for keeping us entertained with your writing!!

Have a lovely Monday!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Something to Crow About!

Did you know 2017  was the Year of Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac? My brother lives in China and my SIL is Chinese, so I guess it is good for me to know these things.
 Look what came in the mail this week? Nope, not fried rice!
 A cute challenge by Two Thimbles Quilt shop! It's 2017 Year of the Rooster Challenge. I'm terrible at quilt challenges, but this one intrigued me. You have a choice of solid red fabric, or solid with gold. Get all the info HERE.  It would be fun to show them all online if several of you decide to join. Contact LEE and she'll fix you right up!

Rebecca finished her Front Porch quilt! I love everything about it! Nice work Rebecca! And thanks for sharing it.
Here's my Instagram for the week. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



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